The Archives´ holdings consist of a variety of manuscripts and printed books, as well as museum objects (see overview of holdings). In all areas, the collections predate even the founding of Herrnhut. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, holdings of the archives were organized according to pertinence. Gaps in the collection arise from a lapse in responsibilities during the mid-nineteenth century, particularly the acquisition and accession of records from institutions, and also wartime losses of records. Altogether, the holdings span approximately 3,000 meters of shelf space.


In the Unity Archives (Moravian Archive) one finds the Zinzendorf Family Archives with manuscripts and records concerning the assets of the Zinzendorf family, family papers, and Zinzendorf's diaries and correspondence. Likewise, the Unity Archives (Moravian Archive) preserves the documents of the executive boards of the world-wide Moravian Church and the European Continental Province, records of inactive congregations, school records, records of mission work, and records of Moravian businesses. Also available are personal papers from workers and members of the Moravian Church, and approximately 30,000 Lebensläufe (Moravian memoirs).

Sheet Music Collection

The Unity Archives (Moravian Archive) owns a valuable collection of approximately 60 linear meters of sheet music from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The sheet music consists of both handwritten and printed spiritual music, which was composed by or performed by the Moravian Church.


Older library holdings arrived at the Archives as personal papers of Zinzendorf and other workers of the Moravian Church. Other holdings come from the libraries of educational institutions (for example, Moravian theological seminaries), and active or inactive congregations. The library houses publications of the Moravian Church and its members, and collects writings about the church. Special collections include texts regarding the Ancient Unity, the Bible collection, hymnbooks, and daily texts (watchwords).

Museum Collections

The Unity Archives (Moravian Archive) also houses the following collections: Paintings (~750), Personal Portraits, Drawings and Prints (~2,500), and Scherenschnitt Silhouettes (~2,000). Also housed at the archives: a Topographical Collection (~7,500) of maps, views and plans, a Photograph Collection (~100,000), Memorabilia and Visual Objects (~1,500) from the Moravian Church and its mission areas, or provinces, a Numismatic (currency) Collection, and a Seal-and-Stamp Collection. The last remnants of a natural history collection exist in the form of a small Geological Collection.