Table of Research Fees (Overview)

of the Unity Archives, Herrnhut


For the demands of responding to written inquiries (§2b.1), preparation, groundwork (§2b.7-8), production of transcripts (§2b.2), and special efforts in the making of reproduction copies per 15 minutes (or part thereof)

€ 7,50


For the certification of transcripts and photocopies (§2b.3)

€ 4,00


For the permission to publish a reproduction image of an original item preserved at the Unity Archives (§ 2b.5) (cost varies by Motive)


with a print run of up to 500 copies

€ 20,00

with a print run of 501 to 1,000 copies

€ 30,00

with a print run of 1001 copies and more, or publishing electronically

€ 50,00

Commercial use

on request

Reduction of fees is possible for current students


For producing reproduction images (§2b.4) as photocopies, re-enlargements of Microfilm, and printouts of electronic data

from archival or library holdings

         per page at the size A4 (DIN)

€ 0,50

         per page at the size A3 (DIN

€ 0,75

 from Dienerblätter (concise biographical timelines of Moravians)

€ 1,25

 from other documents

         per page at the size A4 (DIN)

€ 0,10

         per page at the size A3 (DIN)

€ 0,15


For the preparation of reproduction copies (§2b.4) as analog or digital photographs


1) Base fee

€ 10,00

2a) Microfilm per printout


       up to 10 printouts

€ 0,80

       11–20 printouts

€ 0,75

       21–50 printouts

€ 0,60

       more than 51 printouts

€ 0,50


3) Copies from existing microfilms per printout

€ 0,20

4) Scanned image up to the size A3 (DIN) und 350 dpi

€ 5,00


5) Photograph with digital camera up to size A3 (DIN)

€ 1,00

6) CD-Rom for sending digital files, per CD

€ 5,00

7) As commissioned work in a photo laboratory

after expenses

8) For special goods and services, such as reproductions of digital images at a size above A3 (DIN) format; image processing (retouching, etc.)

after cost of time and labor


For the allowance of a researcher to use their own equipment to capture reproduction images, per capture

€ 0,15


For the lending of archival materials for exhibitions (§ 2b.6) per item (painting, object, archival document or book)

€ 25,00


For written payment reminders sent to a patron or institution


upon the first reminder

€ 2,00

upon the second reminder

€ 2,00 plus default interest

upon the third reminder

€ 5,00 plus default interest


Supplementary costs will be added to each invoice for the shipping and handling of orders; additional costs will be added to the invoice for bank expenses incurred with payments made from non-EU countries to the German bank account of the Moravian Church.

10.For tours of the Unity Archives, Herrnhut, per person€ 5,00

Herrnhut, 19 September 2016, signed by Claudia Mai, Archives Director
approved and signed by Benigna Carstens, Unity Director


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